The term "terry towel" refers to textile fabrics with loop pile woven into them on one or both sides.

A terry towel is made up of four yarn groups.

They are the weft, border weft, ground warp, and pile warp.

Terry towelling fabric weaving is a compound procedure that can only be performed by using weaving machines with specialized equipment.

In contrast to the two system types of traditional weaving, the terry weaving machine uses three yarn systems: the ground warp, pile warp, and weft.

Loops can be managed with the loosely tensioned warp edges on the surface thanks to a special weaving technique.

Warped onto two different section beams, unwound, and sized separately are ground warps and pile warps.

They differ from one another in some ways in the processes they go through.

The required lengths and softness of weft or filling yarns are wound onto bobbins.

Dobby weaving  technique and Jacquard weaving technique are 2 main techniques to weave terry towelling fabrics. 

The standard weaving widths for towels are commonly 30, 50, 70, and 100 cm.

Dobby Weaving Technique of terry towelling fabrics

The dobby terry towel weaving technique produces plain-surfaced towels with less complicated borders that have stripes and simple fractal patterns in solid colors. We refer to the border of the towel as a dobby border or a border with simple geometric patterns or stripes. As they feature a wider and more practicable surface to stitch the custom logo embroidery, these dobby woven borders are mainly suitable to produce custom embroidered towels and bath towels with logo. Hotel bath mats are woven with stripes or with no border or with no stipe. Generally, the towel color matches the border color. We use the velour fabric, a dobby woven plain sheared looped fabric, to produce printed towels. It is produced by cutting the terry towel pile loops.

Jacquard Weaving of terry towelling fabrics

The technique to weave more sophisticated designs and patterns is the jacquard weaving technique.

To achieve perfection in the final designs of the terry towel textiles, the jacquard weaving looms are computerized and electronically guided.

3 basic techniques of jacquard weaving of towels 

  • Yarn Dyed Jacquard Weaving :  to weave yarn dyed jacquard towels.
  • Border Jacquard Weaving :  to weave border jacquard towels.
  • Relief Jacquard Weaving :  to weave relief jacquard towels.

Yarn Dyed Jacquard Weaving of Towels

Two or more different colors of yarn are dyed with excellent color fastness prior to weaving.

Any color you select can be dyed into the yarns.

Border Jacquard Weaving of Towels

Border jacquard weaving is the technique of weaving logos or patterns into the border of a one-color towel by using high quality polyester yarns.

Relief Jacquard Weaving of Towels

Relief Jacquard weaving is the technique that allows for designs or logos to be woven as a relief into the towel.

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